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  • Announcements for 3/2/20 - 3/6/20

    Monday Mar. 2- Get all tests back for Exams as well as Exam Study Guide. - Exam is Friday March 6

    Tuesday Mar. 3- Continue Working on Exam Study Guide, as well as working on any Extra Credit. Extra Credit was assigned last week. Students can write either a 3/4 page typed paper or a one page handwritten paper on the culture of any other country.  If student is possibly going to be exempt, they must have all extra credit turned in by Wednesday March 4. 

    Wednesday Mar. 4- All missing work should be turned in by this date as well as extra credit if students is capable of being exempt. Extra credit is otherwise due, before they take their exam. 

    Thursday Mar. 5- Continue working on extra credit and Review for Exam on Friday. 

    Friday Mar. 6- All Extra Credit due. 9 Weeks Exam

  • Schedule 2/18/20 - 2/21/20

    Tuesday - Finish Sec. 3 Notes - Sec. 2,3 Review Questions

    Wednesday - Section 4 and 5 Notes - Sec. 4 Review

    Thursday - Sec. 2,3 Vocab Quiz, Finish Sec. 5 Notes and Study Guide Review

    Friday - Chapter 4 Test on Sections 1-4

    Section 5 Will have its own test. It will count as a chapter test. This should be a good way for students to make a solid test grade. 


  • Chapter 4 Sec. 1-2 Vocab Quiz

    Quiz Thursday Feb 13

  • Chapter 4 Sec. 1-2 Vocab Quiz

    Quiz Thursday Feb 13

  • Chapter 3 Test

    Test Tuesday Feb 11

  • Quiz On Friday February 7th

    Section 2-4 Vocab Quiz

  • Quiz on Tuesday February 4th

    Quiz on Chapter 3 Section 1 Vocab 

  • 1/27/20 - 1/31/20

    Chapter 2 Sections 1-2 Key Terms Quiz Thursday Jan. 30

    Chapter 2 Test Friday Jan. 31

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