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Stride Academy is used throughout Tate County School District.  Stride Academy is a cross-platform adaptive learning solution for PreK - High School that quickly accelerates learning with engaging curriculum engineered to address critical learning standards.

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Click here for instructions on how to link your Stride classes to your schoom email address and sign-in with a single username / password

Student Login Information

Each student has been created a Stride login.  Classes have automatically been setup based on SAM7 SIS schedule information available at the time of import.  The student will need 2 pieces of information to login.  They will need to know their Lunch Number and the school code for the school they attend (This code is listed below).


School School Code
Coldwater Attendance Center KCS79789
Independence High School KCS33939
Strayhorn Elementary School KCS78293
Strayhorn High School KCS83661
East Tate Elementary School KCS02239
Career Technical Center KCS74696

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