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Aug 21, 2020

I hope everyone has had a good week. We have encountered many difficulties with our virtual classes. We have also had some successes. Once again, let's not get discouraged. If you are a virtual student and need face to face time, please call the office or email me and make an appointment. We are here on Fridays without traditional  students in the building and will be glad to help.  or  office  233-4619. 

Aug 14, 2020

Welcome to the new school year. This year is offering challenges that we likely have not experienced before.  This year will require patience and flexibility.  Virtual learning is something that is new to most of us and is a work in progress. We will be using google classroom. The class code for 8th science is vxo6syy to join my science class.  

If you have any concerns related to 8th science please call the office or email me.




Attention- please turn in all library and text books as soon as possible.


I have included two assignments. Assignment one and two. You only have to do one of the two but can do both if you wish. Assignment one is more open ended. It is  web quest type questions where you gather facts, form opinions, and support those opinions. Assignment two is straight from the textbook.


Assignment one-

Week one- Apr 20-30

Utilize the web or any other source available.

You may use electronic means or paper to complete the assignments


  1. Explain what genetic engineering is. 
  2. List and explain some of the steps involved in genetic engineering.
  3. What is recombinant DNA?
  4. Give 2 specific examples why someone might want to use genetic engineering.
  5. Give 2 specific examples why someone might not want to use genetic engineering
  6. Do you think that genetic engineering is a good or bad idea or possibly both, explain in detail why you believe what you believe.


Assignment one-

Week two- May 1- May 10



  1. How many people are in the world today.  50 years ago, 100 years ago, 200 years ago, and 1000 years ago.
  2. What trend do you see?
  3. Using charts from the internet about what time in history did the population start to change rapidly.
  4. What thing/things do you think caused this rapid change?
  5. Based on this trend what do you predict might happen in matters of resources, environmental change, government policy, and the human condition.


Assignment one

Week three May 11- May 20



What is a virus?

 Where did the coronavirus come from?

At this time what is the total number of world wide deaths?

Find three pandemics other than the coronavirus and give detailed info on each.

Do you feel we as a nation were prepared? Explain your answer

In your own words, how has the coronavirus affected you and those around you.




Assignment two

Week one- Apr 20-24

Read pgs 566-572 and complete questions - 1-9 on pg 572


Week two- Apr 27 - May 1

Read pgs 575 - 582 and complete questions on 1-9 on pg 582


Week three- May 4 - 8

Read pgs 584 - 590 and complete questions 1-9 on pg 590


Week four- May 11- May 20. 

Read pgs 592 - 599 and complete questions 1-9 on pg 599

and questions on 604 1-9




Dear Parents/Guardian- The following is far Mar 30- Apr 17


We are in a very unusual situation. I understand how this may be difficult situation for our students and that students can only do their best under the circumstances.


Work comes directly from text book. 


If a student has left their text book in my classroom, I have placed all of them in a common place in the room. Someone from the office can get it for you if it’s there. 


The following work is based on 15 days of classroom work. Students should pace themselves based on that timeline. 


Subject light- ch 7

Week one-Mar 30-Apr 3.  Students should read ch 7 (pg 226) carefully, paying close attention to the highlight words in the chapter. I recommend you break this up over several days. Read a section then work the section questions listed below.


Students should complete questions on 

page 234- problems 1-8, 

Page 241- problems 1-9,


Week twoApril 6-10. - complete the following

Page 252- problems 1-9

Page 266 problems 1-10

Page 268 problems 1-9


Week three- April 13-17-chapter 14 pg. 502, Weathering and Soil. 

Read chapter 14 

Complete questions on pg. 526 problems 1-10

and 528 1-11. 


End of Assignments for Mar 30-Apr 17


Homework:monday night nov 4, read les 2 beginning on pg 390.

Homework, Dec 2-6 none, we are using EADMS. testing site in class. This site contains sample questions from the case 21 website

Due-Friday Dec 13 For the final test this 9wks. Students will make a written report on a pre-approved topic. It must be at least 1 complete page hand written and read to the class. It must come from a source other than the science book. 

Mar 2-6

9wk test wk

no at home written assignments

Students should study for next days test. 




Feb 24, 2020

Test on Tuesday.

No home assignments at this time. 



Feb 17-21


Tuesday- SW finish in class presentation project

Wed- SW present project to rest of class.

Thur- SW work in class the End of chapter review pg 188 1-15 and 19-21




Week of Feb 10-14, 

Monday night 10th- students should complete questions on pg 152 problems 1-18.

test on ch 4 wednesday

Thursday night- read lesson 1 of chapter 5. 

week of Feb 3-7

by Monday Students should have les 1 and les 2 of ch 4 read.  All highlighted words should be defined in science notebook. By Tuesday students should have questions on pg 138 completed. 

On wed most of class will be devoted to calculation of wave speed, frequency, and wavelength.  pg 137

Thursday in class there will be a quiz with two of each of the previous calculation problems 

Thursday night students should read section 3 starting on pg 140.

Friday night no homework. 


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