We Believe

➔ Education is the shared responsibility of the student, the staff, the parents and
the community.
➔ Students thrive in an atmosphere that fosters positive relationships and mutual
respect among students and staff.
➔ All students can learn and should be challenged to achieve and exceed their
➔ Student access to technology is essential and 21st century education should
integrate and optimize technology
➔ Students gain confidence by fostering decision-making, critical thinking, and
effective communication skills.
➔ Students should be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, clubs,
and organizations and maintain high expectations that reflect the school’s
mission, vision, and spirit.
➔ Students are exposed to research-based curriculum and instructional practices
that incorporate a variety of learning styles.
➔ Students are assessed formatively and summatively by diverse methods in order
to evaluate their achievement and mastery.
➔ Students become proficient in academics through comprehensive instruction,
assessment, data analysis, and remediation.
➔ Student excellence is celebrated by recognition of academic, extracurricular, and
citizenship achievements.